Written by Emma Hinkle – As a dog-lover, I was not looking forward to living in an apartment without a yard because it would mean there was no room for a big dog. However, I’ve found a way to bless others and get the love from all the doggies. We have several friends who travel home to visit family for Christmas, but they can’t take their dogs with them. In many cases, they have to board their pets at an expensive kennel where their dogs do not interact with many people. Since our families live near us we do not have to travel, and we have been able to watch our friend’s corgi last year and two poodles this year. Not only does this prevent our friends from having to board their dogs, but we are so blessed by waking up and being greeted by a furry bundle of love and kisses. Until we can have a dog of our own this is the next best thing and we really enjoy blessing others.