Homeschooling mum Kirstie Marx has spun a charming tale based on growing up in Denmark. Families will delight in reading about the quaint Blessing Nisser, who encourage children of all ages to actively serve others. The idea cards make implementing service quick and easy for parents who want to keep Christmas simple, yet purposeful. And who can resist smiling at their very own handmade Nisser? Put all together, this old-world take on the greatest Love of all is the perfect addition to your Christmas holiday traditions!

Kirstie Marx is an energetic tennis pro, author, and homeschooling mum of 15 years. Born in England, Kirstie moved to Denmark at eight and quickly fell in love with the Danish way of life. She moved to the United States in 1993 to pursue a professional tennis career until God called her to an even more grand adventure as His child. She has pursued this calling by ministering to special needs children through tennis, sharing her gifts with fellow homeschool moms, and pouring into the lives of her husband and two daughters. She currently lives in Cary, North Carolina, with her family and faithful Labrador/Great Dane mix, Steeler.

Diane K and Kirstie Marx met while participating in a Mothers of Pre-schoolers program fourteen years ago.  Recently they were reunited by mutual friends and joyfully collaborated on “The Blessing Nisser.”
Diane self-studied art techniques during the years she homeschooled her children.  She is inspired by her desire to glorify God with her artwork.  Landscapes, events and downtown areas are her usual subjects.  She has participated in local Plein Air Events for the past two years.  Diane lives in NC with her husband and two children.

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