Cultivate a love of service in your family this holiday season

– with The Blessing Nisser, an advent activity book.

Join the Tradition

Pour a cup of tea, gather the children around, and wander through the heart-warming tale of The Blessing Nisser. Follow Charlotte on her journey as she and the Blessing Nisser share the love of Christ by serving a hard-hearted brother and a grumpy old man down the street.

Along the way, you and your family will be immersed in the “hygge” (warmth) of a Danish Christmas tradition. The Blessing Nisser are mythical creatures who delight in teaching humans how to love and serve others.

Drawing from the author’s childhood memories of Christmas in Denmark, she began using the Nisser in her own home, and her family and community were richly rewarded. Begin a new tradition of The Blessing Nisser and build a servant’s heart in your children and grandchildren this Christmas! Click here to read the foreword

Nisser – friendly Scandinavian gnome who are known for unexpected visits.

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The Blessing Nisser

The Blessing Nisser book comes with a kit to help readers become a part of the story. There are materials for making your own nisser AND (the best part) “blessing cards” with suggestions for ways to be a blessing to others. The suggestions include anonymous “intentional acts of kindness,” ones that are easy and free to do, and ones that require planning, time and money. You choose which ones to implement.


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Hear from Happy Readers

The Blessing Nisser is a delight to read!  It captures the attention of many different audiences. For the young readers, there is a perfect amount of fantasy or “magic”.  Are you an adventurer?  This story will whisk you off on a journey through Denmark, learning geography, cultural history and customs along the way.  And for those that just relish the victory of triumph, there is a theme of true Love woven throughout the entire story.  It’s a love that excites, prevails and is contagious!  You and your children will be left wanting to participate in sharing this Love.  Thank you Kirstie Marxs for writing a story for children that plants seeds of encouragement to think outside of themselves by blessing others.

Kendra Kelley

Here is something new and exciting for your children this Christmas season–the Blessing Nissers.  While they are cute and whimsical, at the same time, they present a powerful message about Jesus and His teaching to love and serve others.  In addition, the story is interwoven with Danish Christmas traditions, Danish history, and geography.  The Nissers and the heroine, Charlotte, engage children on many levels while they read this delightful and unforgettable tale.  The story combines learning and doing by showing children how to serve and love others in tangible, easy, and fun ways–which is, after all, the very heart of Christ and Christmas.  So, if you are looking for something to bring your family closer to the heart of Christmas, this is it.

Rayann Marx

This sweet story weaves together three of my favorite things: Christmas, learning about traditions from other countries, and encouragement to actively love others in gratitude to God, Who loves us!  How I wish I’d had this book when my children were young, but maybe it’s not too late for the “Blessing Nisser” to make an appearance at our house this December!  I encourage you to make this your new Christmas book, learn about the holiday in Denmark, and become the “Blessing Nisser” in the lives of those around you – all December (and all year) long!  ‘And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.’ Hebrews 10:24

Lori Wylie

What is Christmas about in your family? For my two sweet little ones, it can be a hectic time of year when they are pulled in numerous directions, away from the sweet baby in a manger who came as a ransom for many. I’ve listened as many moms ponder the same dilemna: How do I keep Christmas about Christ for my kids?  How do I pull their attention away from themselves and toward God’s gift in the manger?

“The Blessing Nisser” walks children though the season of Christmas by opening their eyes to true service- the act of putting another before oneself.  They will take part in selfless acts born of love which bring joy to the heart of the doer and happiness to our Heavenly Father. Children will grow in their understanding of God’s love, while learning about precious long-celebrated Danish traditions.  Use the kit to create your own sweet Blessing Nisser, snuggle up to read as a family each day, serve by following along with the Nisser’s notes, and be encouraged as your family grows in their understanding of what it truly means to serve like Jesus!
Ann Estanquerio

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