How To Create Your Blessing Nisser

Hear from Happy Readers

Oh, how I love this story!  The Blessing Nisser is a heartwarming Christmas story that will inspire children and adults alike to look for creative and tangible ways ways to serve and show love to those around them. The story is about a little Danish girl named Charlotte and the Blessing Nisser, who, through their acts of kindness, are able to soften the hearts of her brother and her grumpy, old neighbor.  While many are focused on the Christmas presents, Charlotte is only concerned with blessing those around her.  Kirstie Marx is able to capture perfectly the delights, traditions, and culture of a magical Scandinavian Christmas. As soon as I read this story, I immediately wanted to share it with the young families I know. The Blessing Nisser is a wonderful reminder of what we should be focused on during the Christmas season.  This charming tale is sure to become a family tradition!

Louise Lewis

“Like sugar crystals sprinkled on your Christmas Cookie, this sweet story of Christ’s love shines above all of the holiday distraction.  Kirstie’s love for children and her intimate knowledge of Danish traditions brings us right into the heart of Scandinavia – and face to face with the blessing Nissers!  Imagine that, Nisser that bring blessing instead of mischief.  This delightful tale will change how you and your children approach Christmas.  Let Kirstie’s gift of generosity help you and your family establish traditions that can be passed from generation to generation, year after year.

April L. Miller, MACC, LPC

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The Blessing Nisser

The Blessing Nisser book comes with a kit to help readers become a part of the story. There are materials for making your own nisser AND (the best part) “blessing cards” with suggestions for ways to be a blessing to others. The suggestions include anonymous “intentional acts of kindness,” ones that are easy and free to do, and ones that require planning, time and money. You choose which ones to implement.


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