Going to the grocery store is something we all have to do, why not make it an opportunity to bless others? I heard a story recently from a friend “Jane.” She was shopping with her four-year-old and he wasn’t behaving as well as he could have. An older lady walked up to my friend and told her she needed to get her son in order. You can imagine Jane’s surprise and embarrassment. As they exited the store they saw the old lady struggling to lift her bags in the trunk of her car. The young boy, who minutes earlier caused a scene in the store, looked up at his mom and said “Mom, can we help lift her bags?” This moment will never be forgotten by Jane. She looked down at her sweet little boy, setting aside her own feelings, and walked over and helped the older lady with her bags. Who do you think was blessed more? I think it was Jane, seeing the heart of her little boy show love to someone who maybe didn’t deserve it.