Written by Emma Hinkle – As my eyes slowly peek open, I am acutely aware of the scrumptious smell of
cinnamon and sugar and know that Mum must be in the kitchen whipping up my favorite
winter breakfast: cinnamon rolls. As a child, I was unaware of the time and effort it took
to make my favorite treat. The dough had to be made, proofed, kneaded, rolled out,
slathered with butter, cinnamon, and sugar, rolled up again, and proofed once more
before it could even be baked! I have always appreciated my Mum loving on us by
waking up early to bless the non-morning people of her family with a hot breakfast. One
way to bless your Mum this Christmas season is to take the initiative and bless her with a
warm, tasty breakfast, maybe even in bed! There are few things better than a hot breakfast
in bed with your family surrounding you with love.