It’s easy to take it for granted that we live in warm homes, surrounded by our families, blessed with any and every food that we could ever desire. No time is this more evident than around Christmastime when so much emphasis is placed upon what we can get rather than what we can give. There are many people who do not have family that lives near them or family at all. This can be really difficult to deal with around Thanksgiving and Christmas when everything you see is about spending time with your family. One way to bless families or single people with no family around them would be to invite
them over for a Thanksgiving meal or a meal around Christmas to show them that you care for them. When my daughter studied abroad in Denmark she was able to bless her Danish friends by making them Thanksgiving dinner and to share with them about the tradition of thankfulness. It meant so much to her friends for Emma to share a tradition with them and they expressed interest in keeping the Thanksgiving tradition alive in Denmark.