We spend a tremendous amount of time at our local library. We know the librarians by name and they are always recommending new books to us. Over the years we have amassed a ton of books in our home. I sometimes stack books as a table. Actually right now, my coffee table is made up of The Blessing Nisser boxes.

Several times a year, I go through all of our bookcases and find wonderful books that Ellie has outgrown or I am not reading. I have great intentions to read all these books but life gets in the way or I hear about another book that ends up on the top of my list. Needless to say, we have way too many books in our house. Gasp! Did I just say that? Please do not tell my husband. I digress. We end up taking our books to our local library and donating them. The Librarian is always thankful for our books and it is a good lesson for my daughter to take care of her books because someone else may end up reading them one day.

A fun fact for you: The small country of Iceland read more books per capita than any other country. In Iceland, it is custom to give everyone a book on Christmas Eve. We loved the idea so much that it has become one of our favorite Christmas traditions and I hunt for months to find just “the right one” for my girls.