Make reading “The Blessing Nisser” by Kirstie Marx a holiday tradition in your family.

Pour a cup of tea, gather the children around, and wander through the heart-warming tale of The Blessing Nisser. Follow Charlotte on her journey as she and the Blessing Nisser share the love of Christ by serving a hard-hearted brother and a grumpy old man down the street. Along the way, you and your family will be immersed in the “hygge” (warmth) of a Danish Christmas tradition. The Blessing Nisser are mythical creatures who delight in teaching humans how to love and serve others. Drawing from the author’s childhood memories of Christmas in Denmark, she began using the Nisser in her own home, and her family and community were richly rewarded. Begin a new tradition of The Blessing Nisser and build a servant’s heart in your children and grandchildren this Christmas! Click here to read the foreword

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