Are you looking for a totally unique way to build a servant’s heart in your children this Christmas? Let me introduce you to the Blessing Nisser. The Blessing Nisser are mythical creatures who delight in teaching humans how to love and serve others. Pour a cup of tea, gather the children around, and wander through this heart-warming tale. Follow Charlotte on her journey as she and the Blessing Nisser share the love of Christ by serving a hard-hearted brother and a grumpy old man down the street. Along the way, you and your family will be immersed in the “hygge” (warmth) of a Danish Christmas. Drawing from my childhood memories of Christmas in Denmark, we started using the Nisser in our own home, and we all were richly rewarded for the effort. Not only did we bless others, but it changed our hearts, too.

Your passport to a Danish Christmas comes in a package that contains a 26-page booklet, and two Nisser that your children can make their own and a set of 75 cards. 50 of the cards have blessing ideas, 12 are blank for you to add your own ideas and traditions and 12 say “You have been loved by the Blessing Nisser”. The cost is $25 and you can order directly from me, which is my preference, or you can order online. We are selling the books this way this year to raise some seed money as we are planning to pursue publishing the book “The Blessing Nisser” next year!  

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