When I think of the holidays and Christmas season, one of the first things I think of is how to make a difference, how can we serve and share the love of Christ with others. I was so thrilled when Kirstie Marx told me about her book, The Blessing Nisser, and I learned that its primary message is to cultivate a love of service in our children and homes. The way Kirstie weaves her Danish Christmas heritage into an engaging story and movement is encouraging. As a mom, it means so much to have this fun and engaging resource to share with our children and families as we seek to cultivate a love of service in our children this season.

Being a Mom of teenagers, we are in a different season of life than our earlier years. Yet, the message is the same! My husband and I want to impart of love of others and service to our teens just like we have done when they were younger. We have always loved reading aloud. My husband was overjoyed to discover The Blessing Nisser and we started our Christmas reading early! 

Ironically, it was a reverse blessing and a blessing to come. You see, while our boys were younger, they faithfully served an elderly lady with some health challenges in our community. They were to take out her trash dumpsters on trash day, and they did. Week after week. We actually didn’t see the lady much as she worked, too. It was an interesting lesson for the boys to learn to serve regardless of the response. We had discussions of why we serve and who we serve.

So, during our Blessing Nisser reading, we remembered the parallel to that earlier event, it was great to see the boys encouraged again by why we serve others. It is also a great reminder that we may not always be acknowledged or thanked, yet, if we serve with a love of others, the joy is ours!

I hope you enjoy The Blessing Nisser this season, too!

Malise Terrell