We’d like to thank our illustrator, Diane, for this guest blog post. She has been a special Godsend to the Blessing Nisser project!

“Do not despise small beginnings…” Zechariah 4:10

People often ask artists how they began.  Many artists start off with a talent as children, get an art degree in college, and pursue a career in art.  Others consider themselves self-taught. I consider myself self-studied. I did not teach myself; I studied others without a formal classroom or teacher.  As I look back, it was a winding road!

While I drew, designed, and doodled as a child and teenager, I was by no means a creative prodigy!  (I love to encourage people that drawing, painting, or any creative endeavor is a learned skill.  Anyone can do it if they have the desire and are willing to work at it.)  After college, I worked as an insurance adjuster for nearly 10 years. Then I became a full-time mom.

When my two children were young, I home schooled for 10 years.  I was very interested in teaching them about God’s creation in nature.  We built a square foot garden. We provided dill and parsley for the black swallowtail caterpillars that visited every year, and we watched as they grew into butterflies. We even re-potted the dill plants and kept them on the back porch to save the caterpillars from the birds! We watched with wonder as baby bunnies in the rabbit’s nest would return each year to our strawberry patch. Such dear memories! 😊

We went on nature walks and observed the change of seasons. Then we began nature journals, which is when I began drawing with colored pencils. I really loved it, which was the beginning of my interest in art. While my children were young, I did not pursue my interest, but I had many creative opportunities arranging projects for them and other children. It would be several years later that I actually began painting or studying art, but the nature journals we worked on together was the beginning of my inspiration and interest.

How I began painting will be the subject of another blogpost.

Diane K

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