I want to take a minute and let you in on my thoughts as I researched how best to bring the Nisser to you. We’re all agreed that supporting domestic production is of value in this time of global manufacturing. I did months of research, both on the computer and speaking with other small business owners. I compiled spreadsheet upon spreadsheet calculating supplies, shipping, taxes, and, yes, cost of production of my dear Nisser. Several people counseled me to pursue a distributor that would do all the marketing work for me. But that came with an unexpected cost: volume distributors will not include the cards nor the Nisser packets. Since service to others is my main goal in this endeavor, I couldn’t bear to separate the elements.

Once this decision was made, I stopped running down one avenue and turned into another: domestic production. (That’s code for ME!) I shopped online and in person for the best prices on felt, wooden beads, baby socks, volume printing, and Christmas yarn. Then, with a new pair of shears and fresh coupons in hand, I purchased my materials, gave my sewing machine a tune-up, and have been folding, cutting, sewing, trimming, sorting, tying, and packaging ever since. And all these steps take place right here in Cary, NC, on my dining room table!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the hundreds of pieces of string tied, the hundreds of bags stuffed, and the hundreds of hours spent by dear friends as they stopped by to visit and lend a hand. Your Nisser are truly a labor of love, prayerfully assembled here in the United States.

Prayed over and tied with love!