I am so thankful for where we live. As you know, I just published a children’s Christmas book and this past Wednesday the books arrived. They were supposed to arrive on Thursday and we made plans for help, but they arrived a day early and rain was on its way. As the UPS unloaded almost 4000 lbs. worth of books, a gentleman was walking by with his dogs. I jokingly asked if he wanted to help. I was panicking a little because I feared the books would be ruined if it rained and my husband had not arrived home yet to help. Not even 10 minutes later, our hero David showed up with a dolly and offered to help. He then proceeded to help my husband and I and bring in over 130 boxes weighing over 30 lbs each.

We had never met him before, yet he saw a need and stepped in and served us. Little did he know, but my book is about cultivating a love of service in our children during the holiday season. The book teaches it is more important to bless others and in this case, our own “Blessing Nisser” blessed us. I am sharing all of this just to say, that it is important to bless those around you whether it is carrying in boxes, raking leaves, or taking cookies to a neighbor. It does matter and we are so thankful for David who gave not only his strength and time but also his heart. Cheers David.