It is easy to let our busy lives take over our lives.

Back in February as I looked ahead to what 2017 would hold, I knew I would be busy. I was directing a women’s conference, organizing an end-of-year party for our CC community, planning my daughter’s wedding, and publishing The Blessing Nisser. All of those things were added to my already busy life. I thought, “How was I going to survive?”

For the past 12 years, my in-laws have taken my girls with them to a WW2 bomber group reunion. This is a special time for my girls as they interact with WW2 veterans, hear their stories, and learn history firsthand. What a special gift to spend a week with their grandparents and meet some truly amazing heroes. Rich and I took full advantage and planned a trip for just the two of us. My only requirements were cool weather and no plans. I wanted to sit at a cafe and people watch. I wanted to walk hand in hand with my man on the crunchy, fallen leaves. I needed to rest. With those requirements in place, we planned a trip to Boston, New Hampshire, and Quebec for the last week of September.

In April as I sat sewing the Blessing Nisser hats, I dreamed about resting. When the heat index was above 110 and I was teaching tennis, I dreamed about the cool weather. After the wedding of my oldest daughter, I dreamed about my own wedding and looking forward to just being with Rich. I let my busy life take over and all I could think of was the need for rest.

We had the best eight days together. We walked hand in hand on the Maine coast, had special time with our dear friends Dan and Robin, biked 17 miles, and walked 16,533 steps in one day and still found time to rest during the trip.

The rest gave us time to be still.

To appreciate and be thankful

For one another

Our girls


It helped me to see even in the busyness of life, I still have to live. I still need fellowship. I still need quiet time. I still need to invest in my marriage. I still need time with my Savior.

This morning all is quiet around me. The cool breeze is gently blowing into our home, I can hear our dog walking on the fallen leaves, and I smile.

I have rested. I have invested in those around me. I have loved. I am loved…