November 3rd: Do your siblings chores

Do chores without being asked Every family has a different take on chores. Some pay their children to do chores, others require chores to be done because they are a part of the family, others don’t ask their kids to do chores at all. It doesn’t matter where you fall....

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Donate books to the library

We spend a tremendous amount of time at our local library. We know the librarians by name and they are always recommending new books to us. Over the years we have amassed a ton of books in our home. I sometimes stack books as a table. Actually right now, my coffee...

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Teens Learn, Too!

When I think of the holidays and Christmas season, one of the first things I think of is how to make a difference, how can we serve and share the love of Christ with others. I was so thrilled when Kirstie Marx told me about her book, The Blessing Nisser, and I learned...

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A well-earned break

It is easy to let our busy lives take over our lives. Back in February as I looked ahead to what 2017 would hold, I knew I would be busy. I was directing a women’s conference, organizing an end-of-year party for our CC community, planning my daughter’s wedding, and...

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Trust God’s Timing

Another installment from our beloved illustrator, Diane. “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”  Ecclesiastes 3:11 My daughter was competing in a horse competition at the barn across the street from my subdivision.  My husband, daughter, and son all left...

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Small Beginnings

We'd like to thank our illustrator, Diane, for this guest blog post. She has been a special Godsend to the Blessing Nisser project! “Do not despise small beginnings…” Zechariah 4:10 People often ask artists how they began.  Many artists start off with a talent as...

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